Albert Roig
Founder | MD

Author of EKGDX

Pedro Novales

Software Engineer

Davel Rodriguez
Software Engineer

Senior Developer


The EKGDX team's mission is to make the Electrocardiogram learning process globally easier, accessible and faster.



During the planning of our Artificial Intelligence project (current under development), we identified a big block, which consists of having a considerable amount (hundreds of thousands of images) of EKGs. To solve this issue, we decided to create a software that allows us to generate any kind of EKG, having in mind the necessity of modifying each wave, each interval, and each segment in terms of amplitude and duration. 



February 2017 - Planning initiative of our Artificial Intelligence project.

May 2017 - The Project was on hold due to the issue with the images.

June 2017 - Albert (founder) presented to Pedro (co-founder) the idea of ​​creating an “EKG Generator” as a solution to create the images database of EKGs.

September 2017 - Initiative for the "EKG Generator" development.

December 2017 -  Project named as EKGDX.

August 2018 - Progress was achieve, but the results were not as expected.

October 2018 - The "EKG Generator" was restructured.

January 2019 - We realized the educational potential of the platform, and Albert decides to write the content of an EKG book.

March 2020 - Official launch of EKGDX (in Honor of Sir Thomas Lewis who wrote the First EKG Book. He died in March 1945.). 

NOTE: It is important to note that EKGDX is exclusively developed by Roinova Corporation.