EKGDX is an interactive online learning platform that offers a variety of tools that allow you to learn everything related to the EKG.
The goal of EKGDX is to fill an important gap in the EKG learning process. Currently, most physicians, nurses and students experience problems when performing an adequate interpretation of an EKG, and this is due (among other factors) to the complexity of the topic and the lack of a didactic and simple approach to the time to make an EKG book. To solve this GLOBAL problem, we created an interactive and didactic tool that facilitates the understanding of the content and reinforces the learning.
EKG means "Electrocardiogram" and "DX" means "Diagnosis". In our platform you will learn how to perform the Dx (diagnosis) of an EKG (electrocardiogram). The Dutch "K" (elektrokardiogram) is in tribute to the Indonesian-born doctor Wilhelm Einthoven. Einthoven credits Waller with this distinction in his 1895 publication in Pflügers Archives "Über die Form des menschlichen Elektrokardiogramms"
You can use EKGDX from any device with an internet connection. We recommend the use of Laptop, Desktop PC, Ipad or Tablet. You can also access from your smartphone, but the size of the screen can influence when it comes to enjoying the small details.
You can enjoy the interactive content of our platform for a very accessible monthly fee. Plans starting at $ 4.99 per month, with no additional costs or contract.
We have different plans that fit your needs: With the Premium Plan you have full access to all the didactic and interactive tools of our platform; to real images of angiography, as well as those that describe anatomical details of the heart and its pathological variants. With the Basic Plan you have partial access. Enterprise Plan. If you represent an academic institution or hospital, please contact us for more information.
We are flexible. Without contracts or commitments. You can cancel the online subscription with just one click. There are no cancellation fees. You can finish when you want.