What is EKGDX ?

EKGDX is an interactive online learning platform that offers a variety of tools that allow you to learn everything related to the EKG.

How much does EKGDX cost ?

An EKG book costs on average between 60-100 USD and is always used for several months. With EKGDX you have the content of a Book, Videos, Qbanks, Smart Dashboard that helps you analyze the learning process in real time and much more for less than 0.35 cents a day (Cheaper than any book). Also you can cancel at any time.

How does EKGDX differ from other books ?

A book, does not have interactive Graphic Explanations, does not have Videos of Echo 2D, 3D, LHC, PCI, etc., which are uploaded almost weekly, does not have Smart Dashboard which helps you with the learning process, does not have access to reference with a single click, you does not have Qbanks, that are updated almost weekly. To solve this GLOBAL problem, we created this educational platfom.

How can I use EKG?

You can use EKGDX from any device with an internet connection. We recommend the use of Laptop, Desktop PC, Ipad or Tablet. We recommends you always use the Chrome browser. You can also access from your smartphone, but the size of the screen can influence when it comes to enjoying the small details.

What plans are available to me ?

We have different plans that fit your needs: With the Premium Plan you have access to Qbanks, to the Gallery (Video of Echo 2D, 3D, Cath, PCI, etc), to the Smart Dashboard and much more. With the Basic Plan you have partial access. Enterprise Plan (If you represent an academic institution, please contact us).

What the EKGDX name means ?

EKG means "Electrocardiogram" and "DX" means "Diagnosis". In our platform you will learn how to perform the Dx (diagnosis) of an EKG (electrocardiogram). The Dutch "K" (elektrokardiogram) is in tribute to the Indonesian-born doctor Wilhelm Einthoven. Einthoven credits Waller with this distinction in his 1895 publication in Pflügers Archives "Über die Form des menschlichen Elektrokardiogramms"

How do I cancel ?

We are flexible. Without contracts or commitments. You can cancel the online subscription with just one click. There are no cancellation fees. You can finish when you want.